1. Clay Mining
    Clay Gold

  2. Breathing to Death
    Clay Gold

  3. Stay Where You Are
    Clay Gold

  4. World News Vision March 2011
    Jude Cowan Montague

  5. World News Vision April 2011
    Jude Cowan Montague

  6. News Week Vision
    NWV Guest Artists and Jude Cowan Montague

  7. World News Vision May 2011
    Jude Cowan Montague

  8. Study for Paper, Shortwave Radio, Plastic, and Metal
    Alex Charles

  9. Study for Water, Glass, Straw, and Coke Can
    Alex Charles

  10. Polaroids
    The Average By Six

  11. Steady States
    Richard Sanderson

  12. Category Errors
    Richard Sanderson

  13. The Fleet’s Lit Up
    Alex Charles & Richard Sanderson

  14. Emosphere

  15. What Ville Means
    Lee Noyes, Jérôme Poirier, Richard Sanderson

  16. For PM 61-87
    Paulo Chagas, Jérôme Poirier, Richard Sanderson

  17. Abstraction
    Paulo Chagas & Jérôme Poirier

  18. Four AM at Dusk
    Jérôme Poirier

  19. Seven Versions of Edvard Munch’s Two Women On The Shore
    Landing Cellophane

  20. Ductworks
    Jérôme Poirier & Three Legs Duck Artists

  21. Detective Works
    Jérôme Poirier & Three Legs Duck Artists

  22. Warm, Bubbly, Deep Red Desire
    Inappropriate King Live

  23. Last Monks of Rome

  24. Variations
    Lee Noyes, Jérôme Poirier, Vincent Poirier

  25. Rutilus Bestia
    Steve Moyes

  26. Col[_;,;]lages
    Jérôme Poirier

  27. Comet Garradd and the Coat Hanger
    _Allenson _Duke _Fairbanks _Hamilton _Kervinen _Muller _Oldani _Poirier _Vaisvil

  28. Automatic Drops in Winter
    Steve Layton & Jérôme Poirier

  29. Col[-...]lages
    Jérôme Poirier

  30. Col[.--.]lages
    Jérôme Poirier

  31. Trébucher Contre
    Jean-Claude Jouffre, Jérôme Poirier, Vincent Poirier, John Sayer & Virginie Vermorel

  32. Faunal Succession
    Jérôme Poirier

  33. 01st Traits
    Jérôme Poirier

  34. 02nd Traits
    Jérôme Poirier

  35. 03rd Traits
    Jérôme Poirier


Three Legs Duck Netlabel Paris, France

Three Legs Duck is a Netlabel based in Paris, France and curated by Jérôme Poirier.
It is a place devoted to unrestrained music such as improvisation, acousmatic, electro, mashup, experimental, new music, and whatever push boundaries.
All music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.
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